Learning to while away time

Post-divorce my lifestyle has become pretty stagnant. I work from 8 to 5, close down my office laptop. Rest awhile and start off for my Badminton Game at 6. Be back by 9PM, sort of cook for a while, eat and sleep by 11. 

Yeah, I would agree with you, it's been a boring life.  I have been trying to slowly change my atmosphere, and habits. Fun fact, I have become better organized with stuff. I have even gotten better at packing and managing.

So, you may ask how can I make things interesting?

Catan: The Game of War-cry:
Well... for starters, I somehow ended up convincing my friends to have every Friday as Game Nights or Movie Nights with dinner. We started with the infamous Catan.

If you had played the computer game called Civilization in your life I think you might have a pretty good idea about it. Catan is a multiplayer turn-by-turn style board game

Where the resource availability is determined by the probability of this role. The game is based on the law of large numbers and if you do understand the mathematics of it, the game becomes so much more fun to meddle with. They say monopoly destroys friendships, but I would say Catan has it worse.  The moment you are about to build a road and, your dear friend swoops in and blockades to stops you from your longest road achievement. The anguish is a lot more than you can imagine. It also makes it all the more fun.

If I have to be brief in my explanation "Its a board game, they said. It will be fun they said. Liars!" A friend of mine who plays the game on a regular basis calls for it on every Friday as a cry for war! :D 

That would be my reaction as well. In his defense I have to say that there is blood shed figuratively and, we suddenly start having personal vendetta for the two hours we play the game.

Enter: Photoperiments 2.0:
I have always had a liking for photography but never got to publish my work. I am mostly trying for shots that other people would think is stupid or don't want to give it a go. At first it was just playing with the camera exposures and seeing how the same picture looks under different exposures. I sucked at most of them but I started to learn where I sucked and it helped me a lot. I went from exposures to color gametes and eventually it started to be more and more fun to do.

I tried out  Nature Photography, Candid ones, Astrophotography, Lunar as well as planetary photography each having its own perks, challenges and fun. I did learn a lot through them though. I never expected you can do so many things when your perspectives are through a viewfinder. It did give me a perspective of what I might miss, if I don't pay attention to.

Genshin Impact: Brain Drug
I have been a gamer for a really long while starting from MS-DOS games and moving to proper 3D PC ones, the xbox /PS games and even the Nintendo ones. Post-divorce, It has been really difficult with the nights for me I had so much struggle sleeping through the night. It felt as if my brain was processing too many things. I was not able to mentally tire myself out and sleep. 

In the month of October , a Facebook ad got me started on a weird anime based gacha game. I started with a bored mindset to see how things would go. It really started with a headache but as the game moved on and on it became interesting. I started to like the story lines and how they have puzzles built in boss battles. I do hate the item farming though. I started spending two hours a day everyday. World exploring had got me hooked for some reason. The gamed had one of the best mechanics and visuals. I haven't played a 3D fantasy game with world exploring in a really long while. The best thing had been the case being able to win the same boss in different ways with different Combos of characters and strategy.

Apart from these, We do watch movies on a weekly basis. I am the host as always, having a 75 inch TV with a surround sound lets people watch movies in 4K. Yeah, I am showing off but I do like to host, it seems fun to have people. around. I guess we can always find time to while away if we know what to do.


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