A New Distraction: Bringing back the engineer in me!

Here is the thing, not many people know much about me on this aspect but I am a mix of both nature and machine when it comes in terms to behavior. I like to see things through a camera, take a different look at a different perspective, build things, write code, cook experimental dishes.
Badminton has been fun. I got to get back my focus and bring myself back to composure. If I had to start on something I think this would be the place. I started it not to gain on physical health but to gain mental health. 

One of the toughest things I had to do during the times of corona was separating my work life and personal life separate from each other. The problem was that I was using my bedroom as my office as well! I had to physically move my office from my bedroom to a second space. Vola! after the purchase of organizers, equipment, zip-ties, and a whole lot of wires. I finally got it done. It is bland at the moment but it's functional! A functional electronics lab!

So my lab became this (Ignore the Mug, the plate, the wires, and Circuity Boards):

My bedroom became this:

And with that my office is secluded super spot for work and projects. My bed is my bed and its cleaner now!

I have started on multiple projects, including but not limited to photography, diy electronics and a lot more.