Project lean ass!

These days are tough! COVID-19! With the hag off my back, I finally got to focus on myself. My dad supported me through me to detoxify on all my bad habits. I am grateful to him for that case. From now on, starts the actual case!

This might look easy but, is one of the most difficult ones, I have ever embarked on. I have been overstressed since 2016, worried about the entire "our" family well-being debacle. "You do what you want to, don't worry about me, I will back you up.", just hearing the words from my dad was enough to get me going. Those words got me to rethink my horizons and my abilities. My gut got filled with the desire to be shed all excess fat. I felt an ember of what particularly seemed like a rage.  I guess repressing all my anger over a period of two years. I may be wrong with my diagnosis of myself, but I certainly felt the need to shut her absurd personality.

Stage One - Diet Control:
My Mom always says it is not the food you eat but the portion of food you eat for a day. My body has always been more suited to the Indian Portions, the freaking XXL system of US got mu stomach bulge more than it is supposed to. It was about time I cut it down to the Indian version! So, there it all began, home-cooked food that's of the Indian portion of size. I was almost a 121Kg, by September 2019, when this all started. Monday's are usually vegan with fasting in the morning. Tuesday was Indian with 1/2 portion lunch of what I get at the cafeteria. Wednesdays are bound to be fruits for lunch, Thursdays are Indian portions, and Friday is usually a chicken bar(1/2 the usual portions). Every night my dinner has been lentil pancakes (either rice-based or ragi-based). With this progress, my overall body weight has gone down to 116.7 Kg by the 3rd Week of December 2019.

Stage Two - Physical Exercise:
Here comes the fun part, I finally got into contact with the gang that plays Shuttle Badminton at Clubs at River City I joined in and started playing almost every day of the week. I feel bad for not spending time with my dad, but I got a reassurance from him to go for what I need to do. I started making it almost 2 to 3.5 hours a day, and sometimes it is up to 4 hours a day. Surprisingly, my weight before lockdown dropped down to 107.6 Kg By end of March, 2020! My stamina improved quite a lot and my shoulders feel better. My sleep improved and my overall mental health hit an all-time high.  
Weight Loss

Due to lockdown, I have reverted to "Stage I" of the process my weight loss is limited to dietary restrictions.